What to do with a brush like this one?

I believe it was yesterday or the day before yesterday. I was painting one of the figures for my Famo project. And when selecting a most suitable brush for the area I wanted to paint, I came across this brush:

It is part of the brush arsenal set I bought at modelbouwenzo. And I first looked at this brush to be honest. Because I wanted to give the rounded brushes a try. I already cut some of the hairs that sticked out of with a pair of scissors. But I’m not sure what to do with it. Since I can’t use it as it is in current condition. My first thought was to discard the brush and buy a replacement for this one. But maybe, you have an idea or some suggestions what I can do with this?

well if it was mine I’d stick in my gob, give a coating of spit and then draw it out past my closed lips to help it retain its original shape and then leave it to dry.

hygiene, health and safety go right out the window but it works for me.


LOL! An eloquent and marvelous solution to this dilemma, a (brush) stroke of genius.

Cajun :crocodile:

This is one of those times when you need ‘The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver’. I think most art shops would keep it. It will both clean the brush but also help the bristles maintain their shape.


Yep i quote Master brush cleaner and preserver,clean and fix this kind of problem

Okay, I’m going to do this.
Thanks for the answers.

Usually this kind of problem is caused by acrylic paint drying in the ferrule (the metal part holding the base of the bristles) and causing the bristles to splay. But your brush still looks fairly new, so maybe it’s just a crappy brush! Klause-Adler’s “spit 'n polish” could work, but maybe only temporarily.
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The brush is brand new, never used before. I suspect this is caused by someone manufacturing the brush and being careless putting the protective tube on the brush.

When I was studying painting, many, many years ago (and this is not suggesting I have “art school” skills any more; if i ever really did :roll_eyes:)… as I was saying, I had this painting master who was fanatical about proper brush care. She had three steps.

  1. Thoroughly wash the brush in turpentine (we painted with oils…of course :joy:)
  2. Throughly wash with -natural- soap, getting in there with your fingers to gently draw the turps, etc., out. Rinse.
  3. Get a mouthful of spit and lick the back of your hand. Like a slobbering dog lick. Then, depending on the type of brush, you either rolled it through the spit, of dragged it through.

I still do it to this day.