What to do with this source of information?

Today I was organizing my bookmarks and I also came across this website: https://www.tankarchives.ca/
To me this looks like a website with a lot of very specific and technical information.
But, I’m not sure what to do with it.
I don’t know if this has any value for me for my model making projects of the Second World War on the ground.
I’m building mostly German and Russian subjects of this period.
But, what could this website potentially do for me?
I would like to find out and maybe some more experienced people here can help me with that.

Bookmarked. Thanks!

Maybe you get lucky and find info you need. It has a search window.

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Some of the direct and indirect uses. The technical information may help model something missing or removal of items not on that version. Say you wanted to model the heavy guns fired at the KV-1, that would give you some idea of the damage that needs to be replicated or what kind of damage might happened in combat.

The other information can be indirect, you want to make a diorama with T-70 and a British Mark IV. You know the earliest that appears to be is Dec 1941.

@barnslayer No problem.

@Tank_1812 Thank you for the information, I will see if I can use the source.

You just never know when your interests will change or that you need to uncover some arcane bit of information. Also, many times you’ll find information sources that may not have the answer to your question, but those same sources have references, links or bibliographical listings to other sources that may have the answer.

In short, bookmark the site, scan it over to get a feel for its content, and be prepared to check it out later as your follow the bread-crumbs leading to the next research rabbit hole that you may fall into.

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Totally agree and understand and I’m going to do just that. I’m already making a great library of links and YouTube channels using Word documents. And who knows, maube someday it will be paying of big time. Time will tell…