"What we needed was a Bath"

Uploading: 20200331_155617.jpg… My last diorama before my stroke. Plenty of time now to work on my next project!
Uploading: 20200331_160037.jpg…


Excellent!! The whole thing looks phenomenal

Very nice diorama and cool concept title. The building and battle damage is really good.


Now that’s a beauty - must have taken many, many hours to do & fantastic result, especially the building :tumbler_glass:

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yes I agree it is a fantastic building very very good work

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Nice touch with the toilet. My platoon actually carried a toilet seat (just the seat though) around Iraq our whole tour, cut down on splinters from the ammo crate crappers, it rode around in the bustle rack. Your building is great, very well done as is the whole scene.

Nicely done Kirk !!