What's your favourite delta wing fighter?

'Nuf said.

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Mine are:

1.- Gripen
2.- Rafale
3.- Viggen

I personally find delta wing fighters to be less appealing than more traditional fighter. Not sure why. But my top three for delta wing are

  1. Dassault Rafale M
  2. eurofighter Typhoon
  3. Saab Gripen

Hi there

Just to add a few new entries:

I’ll go for another one that should have been developed into a fighter - the Fairey Delta 2.
One that might have been developed into an operational fighter - the Lippisch P.13a
And one that entered service - but should have been developed further - the Gloster Javelin

I love deltas, so all the aircraft mentioned previously rate equally highly for me. :beer:

All the best

Rowan :beer:

My favorite are:


tim :smiley:

Indeed, has there ever been a decent explanation why this magnificent plane, and the whole industry behind it, has been cancelled?

I hope you’re all happy, this thread got me looking at delta wings more and that resulted in the order of a Rafale C

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No need to thank us, it will look stunning sitting on your shelf when built
tim :smiley:

ROFL thanks everyone!

I sure hope so! I’ve never actually built a fighter jet. I got this one as a test run on my way to building my Tamiya F-16 one day!

Got the rafale kit today. Very tempted to do the tiger meet box art scheme! Looks like a great kit


That’s a pretty good kit and the stripes come as decals if you don’t fancy masking.
tim :smiley:

Yeah I’m pretty impressed with it from a first look. I had considered masking it before I got it, but the decals actually look to be really good quality