Wheel Masks

How can I cut circles for AFV wheels? How do you do wheels? I do not have an airbrush set up. Thanks

I would get a circle template to cut a circle mask.

I typically spray the overall rubber color then use the template to spray the center.

You can paint the center, mask then rattle can the rest.

A simple cheap circle cutter might be enough for you:

Or something a little fancier like this (it has a short video showing what it can do):

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When painting wheels without my Airbrush, I paint the wheel centres first. When painting tyres, use a very thin paint first and just touch the tip of the brush on the tyre side of the rim. Capillary action will draw the paint around the rim without bleeding over the rim colour. You may have to repeat depending on the paint. After that paint the tyres and you should not need to get too close to the rim.

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If you want to go really fancy, Cricut machine will do wonders for wheel masks. Haha

Shadow Hobby’s circle cutter. Search for Shadow Hobby Thinnerline Circle Cutter.


Woo. Thanks for restarting this old thread up. I just realized that I could 3D print wheel masks, too!
This took like 10 mins. to CAD in my software. 18mm, 17mm, 16mm, and 15mm diameter circles.
These sell for like $10 I see. Shoot, I can sell them for $5 each.
Use it to cut circles if you want to brush paint or to use it with an airbrush directly.

Damn, the possibilities are endless with this technology!

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