When do you bail on a kit?

I no longer build AFV kits, but when I did, I threw nothing away and saved everything for spare parts for kitbashing or Sci-Fi into spaceships, structures, hovertanks, hoverbikes, or whatever.

Do you know how hard and expensive it is to buy donor kits to kitbash Sci-Fi? One can never have enough spare parts to Sci-Fi kitbash and it sure beats buying new kits just to pull parts from them if you have poor kits already in your stash.

So I advise keeping poor quality kits for Sci-Fi kitbashing fodder where “anything goes.” There are Sci-Fi campaigns on ModelGeek that you can use these kits that you no longer desire to build OOTB for.

Take a look at this Sci-Fi modeler and his spaceships all made from spare kit parts like Star Wars. Click on the spaceship photo for a larger image.