Where are private messages?

Can’t find it
Post mus

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Several different ways:

  1. go to your own profile by clicking your own avatar in the top right corner, then select the head-shoulder icon and select summary. Select Messages

    and then click on New Message and type the recipients call-sign/user name.
    When you start typing, for instance R, you will get a drop down menu with suggestions for users starting with R, continue typing Rob and the list will shorten until you feel that you can pick the wanted receiver from the list. You can either pick from the list OR continue typing the full name and hit carriage return/enter

  2. Click the receivers avatar and then click Message

    This is the easiest way if you have the receivers avatar on the screen


Got a message according to my email, but still can’t find it here even after looking at you instructions

There should be a little number attached to your avatar up in the top right corner of the screen.
Click the avatar
The bell tab should pop-up otherwise you click it
The list of notifications has different icons for likes, messages, replieas to posts

I thought you were asking about how to send messages :wink: