Which are your "one shade fits all" colours?

I have an ok selection of colour, but I have this kind of “when in doubt, just use it” colour. For the moment:
Humbrol 102 Army green, that shade can fit pretty much all faction and camo shade.
Off-white and silver-ish white for anything around that spectrum
Brown Khaki for anything tan, desert, khaki, sand
Light rust for any dark red or red brown situation
Heavy brown for anything made from wood
Which are yours?

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For a long time Ive done my nut trying to accurately match hues until just going with VMA Russian Green as a base for just about anything/everything in that colour- and then tweaking it as required. In truth its pretty much to only colour I do it for.
Got a lot of other shades of green on the shelf that don’t seem to gt use at all as a consequence.

Vallejo Panzer Aces Canvas for anything well… canvas. Seat covers, tarps, tie downs, the lot.

Also a big fan of AK Dark Tracks for anything steel.

From a rattle can, I use Rustoleum Satin Italian Olive for most anything Russian/Soviet. For dark green I use Rustoleum flat Camouflage Green and for tires its Rustoleum Chalked Charcoal. German grey is Rustoleum 2X flat gray Primer and wood is generally Rustoleum Shakewood or Ceramacoat Khaki. Flesh is DecoArt Americana Mink Tan. Tracks and train rails are Rustoleum Flat Soft Iron with a light misting of Aged Rust. All available from the local HD, Lowes, and/or HL.

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Pretty much the case with my humbrol 102. “Army green”, but unspecified which army, unlike other name on their catalogue, is closely match to stereotypical military green for everyone.

The other green that I use is the olive drab when I need contrast with the army green.

Blue grey for anything grey-ish or blue-ish.

For detail painting black things I often use Vallejo panzer aces German tank uniform. It’s really nice because in reality almost nothing is straight black and the German tank uniform by Vallejo is more a very dark grey that is warmer for things like rubber and faded black