Which Bradley kit for a Ukraine Bradley

yeah, Ive been researching best into this issue and see as for now everything seemed to be a more updated version than Tamiya would be. not sure if any tamiya are still running around at all or have all been updated.

I am waiting for them to be in ukraine to see any unique additional markings or colors.

other than the tracks what else is an issue on the kit. Tool placements? And of course the plastic ruck sack or other gear holder.

I am waiting to see if there are any changes as well. We shall see.

So far though, they look to be new-build M2A2 ODS Brads w/T161 tracks. You have to do some kit-bashing to get one. You would need Academy’s M2A2 “Iraq 2003” kit (#13205) since it is a new-build M2A2 ODS. Change out the running gear and tracks from Kinetic’s M3A3 CFV kit (#K61016, has the T161 tracks and square-block Bigfoot tracks). Newer ammo stowage boxes on the back of the turret basket and some other detail pieces would come from the Kinetic kit as well. The box on top of the Gunner’s Primary Sight box is for an FBCB2 (digital tracking system) antenna and could be sourced form one of the Meng kits or some of the PE sets from Voyager. On the interior, they would have the complete ODS updated interior with bench seats down each side, or may have the blast seats down each side like the Meng kits.

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out of the about a hundred pics I have of Bradleys this is the only one with the rolled up tarp looking item on its front? Yes, I do not know what it is, please inform me. And was it ever painted or is it flat black normally. Why was it so rare to see being used? dumb question, was it a refueling tube ?

That is the front cover for the swim barrier. If you look at Tamiya and Academy’s M2 and M2A2 hulls, there is a small roll that goes completely around the outer lip of the top hull. This contained the swim barrier that was erected before attempting to cross a body of water. It was black rubber and usually not painted or the paint had chipped/rubbed off the rubber.

It was removed with the M2A2 ODS upgrades, probably why you don’t see it often.

More info here:

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It’s a fording skirt; it’s a leftover from the original M2 Bradley. They deleted them on newer M2A2 ODS and M2A3 Bradleys. The early pre ODS M2A2s still had them.

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Great minds think alike. :+1: :grin:

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BTW: I recognize Ft. Stewart anywhere. that’s a 3rd Infantry DIvision Bradley. I’ll go on a limb to ID this track as a Bravo Co, 2nd Platoon track just by the orientation of the Chevron on the side and the two square dots inside the Chevron.

As for unit, it’s either a 7th Infantry (Cottonbalers (By God)) or a 15th Infantry (Can Do) vehicle.

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Good eye. 24 ID, so Ft Stewart pre 3ID. The caption that goes with the pic is:
“A 3/4 right front close in view of an M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) from the 1st Brigade, 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) during a breaching exercise.” Dated 3/6/1996

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So; if it’s 1st Brigade; then it could be either 2-7th Infantry (my old unit) or 3-7th Infantry; along with the 64th Armor (Tuskers). the 15th Infantry guys were 2nd brigade, along with the 69th Armor (Panthers).

The picture was taken after I left the Division in 1995.

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@HeavyArty @SableLiger thanks for the input.

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The Bradleys sent to Ukraine are M2A2 ODS-SA’s



I’m glad you posted this as I was ready to buy the Tamiya kit.

Good update, thanks.

To build it, all the above is still applicable, just add the driver’s camera and M2A3 interior parts such as the driver’s digital IP and individual blast seats.

Driver’s viewer camera on Brad going to Ukraine.

More info on how to build a Ukrainian M2A2 ODS-SA, M3A2 ODS-SA, or M7A2 SA here:

I was using the source for trying to peek into other shipments not talked about.

You can go into schedule and pic ports with dates.

also to try and verify footage isnt just of old footage at AP centers

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What´s this variant ?

M2A2 with reactive armor ?


As stated above, they are all M2A2 ODS-SA Bradleys. Within the last month, they started being issued the ERA block add-on armor. Check the link below on how to model them as I have updated it for this version.

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You will soon have an out of the box option.