Which of these three

The store my brother works at started selling models, they have a limited selection but he can use his discount to get me one of these three. Which would you get if any? I don’t build many aircraft, but recently bought an F-16 from Tamiya and hobby boss Corsair. Would be nice fo ease back into aircraft with one of these


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In my opinion, either the P-61 or the B25. If it was me I would buy the Black Widow.

Any reason why? Or just prefernce of aircraft?

The fit is slightly better and there are more options on how to pose it. You can have the canopy open, parts of engine exposed, the radar dish in the front visible and the interior is very nice for the age. Plus the wheel bays are more detailed than the B-25.

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A Revell car kit maybe a Revell airplane :airplane: or ship - no thanks. I don’t allocate space for Revell products - even free ones.

I’ve had good aircraft build experiences with Tamiya, Hasegawa and a few select Dragon & Monogram kits.

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Good to know. I’ll pass then. Life is too short to build frustrating and poor kits

Your brother must work at Hobby Lobby!


No idea about the Mustang, but have heard there are part warping issues with some of the production runs with the Black Widow (even though that’s my pic). The B-25 would be a much better modelling experience due to the great detail and fit is decent.

Hope that helps.

Personally I’d get the Mustang. 1, it’s a new tool kit; 2, I don’t have that one built or in my stash.

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If the discount is close to 50% them go with the P-61 or B-25. Those kits aren’t worth the shelf price if I read them correctly. I picked up 2 Revell B-17G at the holidays for $10, each. Got the P-61 for slightly more. My couple of recent Revell builds means the limited aircraft kids I buy have been Tamiya for a reason.

As I’m currently doing a fire bomber from the B-24, I can recommend it highly. Not bad for such an old kit.

The B-25: good detailing for the age of the kit, relative good fit, and a great subject which is maybe the most important factor.

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