Which 'Winders?

Working on a JASDF F-104J. Time frame, mid 80s. Which 'winders would the alert birds been carrying? I know they had 9Bs and 9Ls. I seem to be remembering they had 9J/Ps at some time. (I’m leaning towards the J/P. Planning an F-86 with Bravos and working on an F-1 with Limas. Be nice to use something different. ) Not sure the time lines for the 3 in Japanese service. Also, anybody happen to have a set of Kinetic’s 1/48 F-104G wing tanks / pylons they are not planning on using? Seems the Naha based 104s used them regularly, in case the weather turned and they had to divert to another field. TIA. (Looks like the Kinetics parts are C3, C4, C19 (tanks) and C40 , C41 for the pylons.)