Who Actually Wore Tanker Helmets?

The good news is that I managed to get shirtless half figures for my Pershing tank project, and even better, FC Models makes the WW2 tank helmet that can be stuck onto existing figures. But I wondered who actually wore the tank helmets, since pictures I have seen never show all tank crew wearing such helmets.

Tom, I think you’ve answered your own question here! If you’ve pictures showing what you describe then why not base your model on said picture? Job done, and your model is beyond reproach.

US tank crews in WWII pretty much wore the tanker helmet, it had the earphones for the commo system. It came in to basic types, the regular hard leather helmet, and a fabric/lined helmet for winter use. The key is, both helmets were designed to be worn under the steel pot, so you often see photos of TCs wearing the steel helmet, and the tank helmet is under it.

Thanks, I had no way of knowing one way or the other.

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Helmets are very handy in the cramped interiors. Saves the noggin from many knocks against hard metal! But out of the tank, maybe not so much! Anyone adding crew to their interior kits?

Here are some photos I found real quick

These guys appear to be wearing the soft helmet under the steel pot.

This tank crew is wearing the hard helmet, the infantry riding on the tank have the regular steel pot.

This picture has a mix of both.

Did everybody note the track mounted the wrong way round in the first pic? Try and explain that to a contest judge!

Actually it looks like only two links are reversed.


Good eye(s), all the same. I think I’ll do that for my next contest entry. When the judges poo-poo it, I’ll spring the photo on them. :rofl:


Just don’t do them randomly throughout the track run. That would be very unlikely, given that tracks were assembled at the factory and repairs would generally involve adjacent links (due to mine damage, for example).