Who makes the best 1/72nd M1 MBT Kit?

I would like to know who makes the best 1/72nd scale M1 model kit for quality and accuracy?
I’m trying to build the M1IP with “Bill the Cat” 3AD logo in 1/72nd scale.
I have the 1/72nd Hasegawa M1 kit #31133, what do you think?
So any information will be most helpful.
Thank you.


Flyhawk makes the very best Abrams, but it’s an M1A2. Revell makes an acceptable A1. You may have to end up kit-bashing the best, and relevant, parts of several kits, as well as some scratch-building, to make what you want.
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Since you already have the Hasegawa kit, I would use that hull and gun, otherwise, the ESCI version. Add the turret and other details from an M1A1 kit. It looks like any of the available kits will work.
There will be a bit of conversion/scratch building involved. You have to remove all traces of the CITW and its mounting on the turret roof, and restore the anti-skid surface. You will have to fit the 105mm gun into the 120mm mount. The “Bill the Cat” tanks had the small turret stowage boxes, you have to take them from the Hase. turret. There is also a bunch of smaller things like the bustle rack, mud guards, etc.

Here are some pictures to help you with the conversion.
This is a chart comparing the different M1s.

This is a pair of the “Bill the Cat” tanks during CAT 87. Note that the 105mm gun is in the mantlet for the 120mm.

In this shot you can see the original small turret stowage box and side rack. Notice how it curves at the rear, and is welded to the turret. It also has the original M1 main gun Sight housing. This tank also has the original 3 blow off panels.

On this tank, the side racks go all the way back to the bustle rack, like the M1A1. It also has the 3 blow off panels.


And here is a link to an old M1IP build: Armorama :: M1IP Build Log