Who wants to join me as a "Campaigner"?

I noted tonight that I was the only person to have invited people to the forums. Probably because most of you don’t even know you can do that. I had to track it down myself. :smiley:


So if you have some modeling buddies who aren’t on the forums and want to send them a link to a topic, just go down to the bottom and look for the Share link.


And the select the ‘Invite’ tab:


And use the email option to have the system email them, or you can create a link as well.

Whoever has the most people at the end of February I will award a scale model prize of their choice of items I will provide (so they can get something they actually want!). And they have to be new signups not sending them to existing accounts so you are clear.

Of course I might invite a few people as well. So you better beat me. :smiley:


You can blame Gino for my presence. He invited me over from the old forum, where I was barely started posting.

To bad I have no other friends who build models that arent on here… :sweat_smile:

But Jim, the only friends I have are the ones here … :rofl:

Nice to know we can do this - thanks.


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