? Why did Tamiya not include side skirts on the newer Jagdpanzer L-70

The old kit has them and I need a set for the tank I’m doing, makes no sense.

Well…that’s Tamiya for you! :roll_eyes:
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Let them know how you feel :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

You mean the one from 9 years ago?

There’s a good chance that the vehicles covered by the kit markings didn’t have them. They includes parts to do particular examples, not every possible combination, so some stuff isn’t there.


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Probably because per information on the Tamiya website the new kit is depicted based on extensive research at the Saumur Armored Museum in France. The Saumur Pz IV/70(A) seems to be vehicle the kit depicts.

The kit has photo-etched mesh Schürzen.

I’d rather have that in the box than the lame thick chucky plastic skirts like in the prior 2014 release.

FWIW - the string tow cables & non slide milded MG’s are irritating in the new Tamiya kits as well.