Why Doesn't Takom Make M48 Tanks?

They already make all the other type of Patton tanks, so it cannot be all that difficult for them to design those particular vehicles-and there would be a huge market for them, what with kits from other manufacturers being so disappointing.

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I think those are planned for release after China retakes Taiwan.


Ironically Takom DOES make Taiwanese “Brave Tiger” tanks which are M60 based.

The CM-11 (M48H) Brave Tiger is actually a hybrid w/an M60 hull and an M48A5 turret. It was done this way to get around some arms restrictions.

They have half of it (turret) already. I used the hull for my M60 ALVB and the turret w/the Dragon M48 hull to make an M48A5.

Actually, Dragon’s M48s are quite nice and pretty accurate.

And a great job on that M60 AVLB Gino as I remember.
I agree Dragons M48s are very nice. Nothing wrong with another manufacturer throwing their hat it the ring though, provided they are good kits though.

Agree. The more the merrier.

I hope that takeover never happens :smile: and may Takom, Meng, and RFM make new tooled 1/35 M48s before the 3D printers take over this hobby. :laughing: