Why the less scale the brigher shade we need to use?

Hey guys. While i painted my model in 1/72 scale i noticed that paint is a litle bit darker than on 1/35 scale. I don’t know hou it works so can you help me figure this out?

I think they call it scale effect. The smaller the scale… the further away the real object (ship or tank) would be. Atmospheric haze lightens and grays out colors we experience up close. So we need to lighten up colors to keep things looking correct.


thank you

I’m not too sure how the physics of light radiation works, but the further away an object is to the viewer, the lighter it appears. Has to do with light diffusion over distance due to impurities in the air. Have you ever noticed how distant mountains appear gray? As you approach they become greenish/gray; then greener and darker as details become clearer. If I paint a 1/35 tank OD, and a 1/72 tank with the same paint, the smaller scale tank appears too dark. Painting smaller scale models requires lightened colors to imitate the results of distance fade. The 1/35 model represents an object 35 ft away from the viewer; the 1/72 model, 72 ft away from the viewer.
As a PS, if more than 1 color is used, keep them a bit more contrasty (to each other) than actual, as the colors will tend to blend into one
overall color.
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thank you. I wish it would help me making better models.

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