Wings On MIM-23 Missiles

I had the kit around and finally decided to do the IDF version-the only one actually to have shot down any aircraft. But I noted the kit offers two types of wings on the missiles, but does not specify which one is which or why they are different. Early and late versions?

french hawk shot down an aircraft just before withdrawal…

Kuwaiti HAWKs also scored kills during the August 1990 invasion.

Ironically I thought of that but would have no idea of how Kuwaiti missiles were marked or painted.

I wish someone could answer my original question about the missile wings.

As far as I can tell, it is early and late versions. Comparing photos to the kit instructions, the A-14 wing is used on the early MIM 23A version, and the A-15 wing (which leaves a larger gap between wing and control surface) is on MIM 23B and later models. If someone has better info, please post it.

Non-gapped wing used on missile SN 275001 through 410000; gapped wing used on SN 410001 and up.