Winter trees

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I’m looking for winter trees I can use in my 1/35 eastern front diorama. Can anyone recommend any excellent realistic model tree manafacturers or the model trees?


Carlos @varanusk posted this link in another thread and they have 1/35 trees listed. Looked pretty nice. It’s in Europe so not sure if it’s suitable for you ?

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Yes. God produced some very good ones, :slight_smile:

They’re called roots - and if you get them from the right shrubs you will not find a more realistic defoliated deciduous tree. I used to use them quite a bit.


You can’t beat nature. Roots can be the perfect answer. As 18bravo suggests… check out your backyard, or a local forest.

But if you have the need to spend money: Florists, garden centres, or you could have a go at building wire frame trees. OR… and these folks are amazing: Home - Video games for dioramas and cribs

(Ignore the title. No idea why they have that name as the company is “Diorama Presepe”.)

with or without leaves?

Here’s another option from ‘The Scenic Factory’


Thanks for the replies. I’ll check them out.


Small new growth tree roots . Juniper roots are the best !!!


Juniper roots are best! Really? I’ll have to try some, my garden is inundated with them!

For coniferous trees, these are the best I’ve ever seen in person:


They look very good and not bad prices for the packs you can get

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Thanks all for the suggestions. When i started modelling about 35 years ago, I did use tree roots and I also used some branches with bits of green on them. I used to spray them with hairspray to make them keep their vegetation. I picked that technique up from reading one of shep Paine’s books. I’m Australian and in Australia we had no shortage of types of trees, bushes and roots from all the tree varieties we have. I live in France now. I’m a bit older also, so that’s why I was keen on buying the trees as it’s easier. Only problem with the trees you see are 90% are just unrealistic, they are not worth buying. The second problem is most are made for model railways so all small and the same size in HO scale

One link you guys sent me for the trees from a company in Poland look really good and I see they make them for 1/35 scale as well. So I’ll most likely use a mix of those. But not cheap.

My diorama will be set in light snow depicting the Germans after they have counter attacked with a farmhouse as the central point. Then I’m going to make a small creek at the rear right of the house. The display will be about 3m x 2m roughly so a large display. I’m think of putting on a knocked out SU76 with a German weapons pit next to it with mortar and MG42 on a tripod. A panzer mk IV ausf H in the farmouse and using a tiger 1 and a Jagdpanzer IV L/70 moving on the road . A captured Russian 76mm zig 3 gun just hidden below the creek bank with a hanomag ausf D next to it being the tow vehicle. I decided on the 1944-45 winter as I can use a myriad of different uniforms and colours, weapons and vehicles. It will be a big project which will probably take me 6 months. So that’s roughly what I’ve planned so far. Any ideas are welcome

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One more thing I want to know, is who makes the best zimmerit to put on my Tiger 1?

Wow, that’s going to be huge!
As for zimmerit, that depends on what kind you want. Eduard has it in photo-etch brass, Attack has a nice resin set, Tamiya does stickers, and a couple of companies are doing it as a decal.

Yes it will be big. I’m also thinking to do a large display of the Afrika Korps in the western desert in 1942. I was making displays and 1/32 fast jets and selling them. I got burn out and stopped. Now I feel like I want to make some displays and fast jets for myself and just do it as a hobby again.

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Sounds like a perfect plan…

It’s been a couple of years since I built a model and I have forgotten the companies making all the after market and that’s why I have asked here. Funny as when I started making models there was no washes, no aftermarket hardly except for verlinden resin and plaster stuff. Now their is flesh painting sets, washes in every colour ect. Back then I had to make my own washes, use putty to make zimmerit ect. It’s great now having all the aftermarket and the choice of kits. Tamiya and italeri was about all there was back in the old days. Now dragon is really the best kits but Tamiya still make good armour kits.

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Well I must admit I hope you do start those wonderful Dio ideas, I’ll def be following!
Dave :wink:

These are the Model Scene trees in use; way back when, I orignally identified them as Polish but in fact the firm is Czech. They worked out at about 5 quid (ie Sterling pounds) per tree, which thought was quite acceptable. Anyway:

'Hope this helps a little bit more than a catalogue picture.


These “trees” are nothing more than dowels I carved and distressed and then drilled holes in to accept good old asparagus fern. I bought a box of Fern from the Scenic Factory at a reasonable price. So it’s mostly just elbow grease.
And welcome back to the hobby BTW,

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