WIP - Airfix P-51D Mustang "The Brat III"

Got a little work in today. Mostly parts cleanup on all the little bits and pieces that make aircraft modeling so fun.

The antenna mast (?) was horribly molded with lumps and other marks all over. I tried to finesse it but eventually broke it.

That mast is such an obvious part of the P-51 that I felt I couldn’t just skip it. So I made a new one from stretched sprue. Fairly happy with it, though upon checking my references it seems a bit wide and the angle on top should be steeper…I was going off memory.

Stretched a section with a “flag” on it to end up with a wider piece.

Then scraped it with the hobby knife down to rough shape and finished off the shaping with a 2000 grit sanding stick.

Then clipped it off and glued with Tamiya extra thin. It’s not perfect but at least doesn’t stand out in a bad way (I think?).

Here’s to not breaking it off during painting. Seatbelts next…you talked me into it @18bravo