WIP diorama “Committing the Reservist” 1980’s

I’ve been working on this diorama for some time now. It’s almost complete. I got the idea from Red Storm Rising but in the book the reserves never make it to the front, rather they take part in a coup. I’m visiting the idea of what if the Cold War went hot, the Soviets have exhausted there first line units and now they are coming there Category B and C troops.

I am currently playing with set up of the diorama, I’m not sure if i want the T-62 and Brdm-U going in the same direction as in the picture above.

Or if I want to have the Brdm-U perpendicular to the T-62. The men in the Brdm-U will be on the radio and looking over a map coordinating the next move.

For the diorama layout I used plaster to make the base on top of a wood frame. I used ammo migs asphalt texture for the road. I’m not sure if I’ll add some white lines or not for the street. I used some ever green styrene on top of styrofoam to make the concrete area. I was going for a textured concrete slab look that has been dirtied up because of the troop movement and the war. This is where the brdm will be placed. I cut up pieces of styrene to give a texture look, as if it were a tile floor. I think it came out okay and with some weathering it’ll look decent.

Edit: i had another idea for the layout pictured below, I feel like the vehicles going the other way would work as well. My other option was to keep the original positioning and flip the brdm around so I can display the decals and chipping. That’s the benefit to reversing the direction of travel for both. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

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