WIP Kuwaiti M1A2K

Here is my work in progress on my Kuwaiti M1A2K just a few minor touch ups just need to find out markings the Kuwaitis use
I started this build by using RFM M1A2 SEP V.2 the mantle mounted M2 is from the excess TUSK parts that also included in the kit the Kuwaiti spacific Air Conditioner/ APU was made by a Shapeways
vendor see the second pic
and the low profile CROWS was from blast models


Looking good Nick. Looking really good.

Tanks bud thats Abrams #7

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Well, at some point you know where all the issues are before you get there. The kit looks good. Which kit have you liked the best so far?

Looks great Nick, nice build!

All my Abrams are Rye Field kits