WIP - Tamiya Jagdtiger 1/35


I’d like to share my most recent WIP - Tamiya’s Jagdtiger in 1/35. Fit was good as expected but I was super disappointed with all the missing weld detail on the kit. Ironic considering Tamiya included a booklet with reference photos showing a lot of the weld detail on the kit. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. Thanks


Very nice Jagtiger. Well done.

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I have always thought that with a little TLC an older kit can be an award winner.

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Thanks Creading! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks Greg! This Jagdtiger is actually a bit of a weird kit for me - it was released in the early 2010s but the quality seems closer with their old 90s kit. The newer kits in their catalogue (Valentine, Panzer IV, Hummel) feel much superior detail wise which is a great development :slight_smile:

Very nice paint job and weathering!

Nice weathering. Worn without being overdone.

that looks far better than my version, did you use the Indy links or rubber band tracks?

Thanks Armorsmith! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks Klaus-Adler. I used the link and length tracks, weathered it too. Unfortunately, the top run is mostly hidden by the side skirts. I would have left them off but the front mudguard is designed to have the sideskirts in place if you use it.

@kunjuro I messed up one side of the Indy link tracks and they didn’t fit properly so switched to the rubber band type.

Honestly, if you’re using sideskirts most of it will be hidden anyway. You can cement the vinyl tracks onto the wheel itself too so that is an option :slight_smile: