Wish List of New Modern Kits for 2021- your top 5?

Hey Peter,
Dagor file’s price just went down to $34. :smiley:
M60 mgs can be switched out to M240 or M249 in CAD before printing so that’s not a big deal.

I think the future is near when some manufacturers will simply sell CAD files of model kits and modelers will be able to print them with their 3D printer to put together at home. I can see that happening in a decade.

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I suspect that’s quite prophetic, and will be the way ahead; in a way, it is already happening. Whilst revolutionary, I’m sure we’ll get used to it, but I have no doubt we’ll also complain!

True that - that’s quite prophetic, too, Brian.


My top five would be, all in 1:35 scale:

Vector PPV, british army with MCS Barracuda
MRAP Foxhound
MRAP Caiman
Danish army MAN SX 45 8x8 with armored cab and protected turret
Danish army CV9035 with MCS Barracuda and bar armor

Although its pretty much a dead duck, and may never see service (ordered 590 vehicles in 2014- £3.6 Billion spent so far and only 30 or so issued so far ) I would still like to see an Ajax Recce vehicle.

And a Foden Drops

The Army National Guard still used M1A1 SA Abrams and i believe are equpt with the SCWS

I think you said the same thing in 2021. :smiley: I looked into possibly CADding it and 3D printing later, but it appears too complex for my skills at the moment, and it has been impossible to obtain the dimensions so far.

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Scammell Commander would have been high on my wishlist - HB coming through once again, nice job guys

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It’s easy for Hobby Boss and Trumpeter to do all these tank transporters - HET, Elefant, Commander (and I’m sure the Antar will come at some point) - when they have good kits from Accurate Armour to use as reference… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not copying them since you can’t mold the same way in plastic as in resin, but a perfect reference source.
I have the AA resin kit of the Commander so I’ll see how the HB kit compares.

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please can we have in 1/35 STYRENE some
IVECO M320’s in various guises- DROPS, Recovery etc., and maybe some Scannia R420’s …

Just received my BMD-4M last week from SprueBros. Can someone point me in the direction of photos of them in Ukraine? Knocked out or operational.

I think your post will get better responses here instead: Modelling armour in Ukraine crisis - #5350 by ruzzaa

Doh! I forgot where I was.

Why don´t we change the topic title to New Modern Kits for 2023?

It is not letting me change the topic title of something a year old. Someone else is welcome to start a new thread of wish list for 2023.

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We can do a new thread and I can change it back to 2021 or keep it, your choice?

That looks fine, Ryan. No need to start a new thread then. Thank you.

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OK so for 2023:

Bedford MK truck
Archer SPG
Challenger III
Saxon APC
Abbot SPG
Abrams M1A2 SEPIII / M1A3

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