Would Anyone Be Interested in Joining a Virtual Scale Model Club?

I’ve always been interested in joining a club, but the closest one to me is several hours away.

Especially now, its hard to get people together physically for a group meeting. I was thinking about trying to setup a virtual meeting where we get people together to talk about what they are building, show off some recent work, and discuss ways to improve their next projects.

If you are interested, please reply here, and I can take the lead in trying to set something up for a future weekend.

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I’d be interested, my local AMPS chapter disappeared at the outset of the pandemic. No amount of discussion or cajoling would get them to try a virtual meeting.

I am an active member in two local clubs but would be willing to give it a go. Never know when things might change.

Yah! Definitely a yes for me! I live in a small town so sadly no model shop or club, the closest being 3 hours away!

Sign me up! There isn’t a club near me really.

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