Wow you've got a great figure!

Thanks! I bought a bunch of Scale75 paints and inks from some time ago, for UK you can check Waylandgames and Elementgames for Scale75, but I’m not sure if they are in stock.
Lately I like very much AK 3rd gen paints also (more available for me localy), but the inks sucks, Scale75 are way better :wink:
Chestnut ink is very good, because you need only light or dark acrylic base and then with the ink light wash and the effect is quick and realistic :slight_smile:


Looks really good @Venko!

My entry to the campaign is the figure I modified for the TKS Im working on.

Im gonna try to paint him the same way @Canmedic did.


There’s some great stuff going on here! So, I’m about to lower the tone (as usual!) with an ancient Tamiya German tank figure that I need to fill a hole in my recent Jagdanzer’s roof.

The sculpting ain’t perfect, but he’s handy and will do. Not sure yet what to paint his uniform - plain or camo?


Yikes! I’ve got the makings of a horrible figure!

I primed and highlighted the Alpine figure the other week and didn’t notice the paint splatters until just recently.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Oh well, they tell me it’ll buff-out. … At least his helmet came out okay. :military_helmet:


So, before I throw-in the towel, here are some rags…
Tamiya (186) German Fuel Drum with grease rag and a messy ladder with a paint rag. I know what you’re thinking: “That doesn’t look like paint on that rag.” :mag::face_with_monocle: … I’ll add some colorful paint splatters sometime soon after the glue cures. :art: :paintbrush:


Here’s the Wooden Fence (rear view) with cobblestone piles attached and weathering started:
• Pegasus (PGS 5198) Grey Bricks Small 1/4"
• Vallejo Light Grey (71.050) base coat
• Vallejo Dark Rust Wash (76.507) on a few boards

Some sorta’ moss concoction that I came up with:
• Life Color Green (UA 054)
• Vallejo Light Yellow Ocher Pigment (73.102)
• And some other stuff that I can’t remember…

And the front view (main backdrop) with some varied weathering layers:
• Vallejo Light Grey (71.050) base coat
• Vallejo Flat Red (70.957)… dark areas
• Vallejo Bloody Red (72.710)… highlights


Meanwhile… There’s an AT Gun Crew of five around here somewhere shaking in their boots with the fear of me getting too close with a paintbrush. :confused::paintbrush:

Hope all is well. Happy figuring!


Diggin’ the details

I have been on the Ukraine crisis modeling forum, dumping a bunch of in progress pics of my Ukraine forces modeling.
John and Ryan encouraged me to join so here they are. Thanks for the invite guys!

I read thru almost the whole thread and there is some next level stuff going on here. Outstanding !

The base figure is from the very old Tamiya German Assault Troops.
By old I mean its been in my scrap box since the mid-1970s…
Who’s a hoarder? LOL

When found he was already headless, so he just need a mollie vest and pouches, long pants and some shoe laces. And of course a head. The vest is two layers of painters tape, sealed w/ Superglue. I like that for straight objects instead of trying to get putty perfect.

I had a head laying around (Hornet maybe?) added a K-Pot that seems to be common in the UDF right now. Nice head but seemed little bit large when I got it on. Don’t know if having the knit cap under the helmet set things off.

New head (Dragon maybe?) much better, reduced the size of the knit cap too so it lowered the helmet.
Little bit of arm surgery req’d. mostly covered by his blue/yellow UDF tape. Mini IDF style thigh pocket, alot of UDF wearing mixed non-military camo / gear.

And primed. I have saved close to 200 pics of UDF forces, wearing everything from full civvies to regulation camo and every possible mix of those. Now fun part picking colors…



@ kosprueone. Glad you’re diggin’ it. … Wait! I need to make a shovel… Wait! I already made shovels! :crazy_face:

@ Neo. Welcome aboard! Great looking modifications you’ve got going there. The hands and his aiming stance look especially good!


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That is looking great Mike. :+1:

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Glad you made it over TJ. The figure looks great. Where did you get the pouches from?

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Big selection of Mollie gear and tac-cool wepon add’s.
One very common piece UDF gear is bungee speed mag pouch which I have not seen alot of in plastic, resin only.
I’m going to use some of those xtra mags in the Trumpy kit and make mine own on the 2nd UDF figure I have on the bench. Also might try use one of the 203’s to make GM-94






I’m going to build 1/35 German Sniper from Dragon


Welcome aboard, glad you can join in. That does look like an interesting piece.

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Some basic work done. Head, helmet and gear left for seperate painting


I blame you for this distraction.

A long abandoned MasterBox 1/24 project with the Pegasus large brick. I have already been touching up some of the plastic. I plan to strip the paint but I will probably repaint with the similar colors as a future summer time rebuild effort in UA. Will probably add UA decals to the shirt either the flag or symbol. Once they arrive the sizes with sort which will look the best.


Camo or Whites for that figure?

I thought that was Jeff Bezos at first.




Get a 1/24th scale tractor and do him as a Ukrainian farmer, summer dress. Do the shirt as the Ukrainian national soccer team strip…




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:joy::joy: maybe that is what MB used for Jimmy.


I do have a Porsche Jr….I am sure it’s part of UA Light Mobile Battalion unlike the more popular Heavy Mobile Battalion that’s been in the news but Mike might a better fit.

I was thinking about using these decals from Autoloader.


The base might be solid yellow and blue sides. :man_shrugging:

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I will go with white. I’ve done standing sniper whit binoculars in camo few years back.

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