Wow you've got a great figure!

Thanks, between here and PlanetFigure I find most these companies. Given the market I try to jump when I see something as they seem to be gone and haven’t seen them rereleased.

ScientificModels have been great in my experience (x2). I ordered the 24th and had the kits on the 31st. Should have been the 30th but FedEx was slow. They have a 15% sale til Feb. which helps with shipping. I don’t think they have another source to order from. The site is all Italian but I use google translator to bumble through most of it and order on the Italian site.

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Hi guys and Happy New Year! :tada:
There looks to be some cool subject matter popping up already. Should be a fun campaign! :hammer_and_wrench:



Yep, Happy New Year gents. Let’s have some fun with this!
BTW, can we start yet, boss?:wink:


Yep, we are a go. :+1:


Let the games commence!:+1:

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Hello Fearless Leader and fellow Figurers.

As mentioned earlier, here’s my partially started entry: Dragon (6120) ‘US Infantry 2nd Armored Division.’ I originally purchased two of these sets in order to Franken-Figure five figures. In addition, some limbs may have been robbed from the graveyard stash. 🪚

After being boxed-up on a container ship for some years, the troops are happy to finally get some air!

Well, it’s not gonna be all fun and figures for these guys, they need to be hauling this Bronco (35147) ‘M3A1 37mm Anti-Tank Gun.’

“Squad, ten-hut! … uh, about face? … Whatever! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Grab your hauling gear. Face that way. Gentlemen, shall we go blast some targets?!”

My challenge will be getting the ranks to assembly and paint inspection to replicate the following photo.

US M3A1 37mm AT Gun (hauling formation)

The AT Gun trailing-arm and gun barrel geometry (blue and green lines). Four cords (red lines) project out from two points located on the trailing arms to the shoulder straps.

This hauling formation over-view shows soldiers No. 2 and 3 are also on the grab-handles.

Hornet Head replacements from the following sets:
• US Heads with Steel Helmets (HUH01)
• US Heads in Helmets with Nets (HUH04)

Note: Any images borrowed from the web are for reference only.

Happy modeling! :hammer_and_wrench:


That looks like a great project. :+1:


Happy new year Everyone. Lots of interesting projects are being shared. I will be building this simple figure. Tamiya’s very old 1/16 scale German Commander…

First individual figure build for me. My earlier tries were on 1/35 that came with Armor kits… :slight_smile:
Looking forward for lot of progress pictures … Have a Great Day.


Super cool idea, Mike. It will really require some serious scratch building to get the “pull posture” of the figures right. I am sure you can do it.


I am starting with this figurine. Scale 1:32


2 more great projects. :+1:

Looks like we’re going to have a lot of fun seeing all the interesting figures being built.

and a good place to hopefully pick up some figure painting techniques …

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Hi Thanhansi, what figures you planning to enter?

I have a Dragon set of Pionier ready for action.

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Goth style? :grin:

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I also have some Tamiya samurai I’ve been wanting to build for 45 years. This might be the time.


Hau Koda,

Not really sure. I have a couple of figures that I kept from back when I used to get figure sets to review. I kept the flare gun figures from both sets as I think flare guns are cool. If it is allowed, I will disassemble them, clean them up, reassemble them and go from there. When I did the figure set reviews, I didn’t remove any flash, seamlines, etc. or fill gaps or anything and just built them straight out of the box so that everyone could see what they would be getting if they got the set. So, they will both require some work before they are ready to be completed.


header (1)

But if they won’t be allowed in this campaign, I will find something else in the stash to use.

Randy :slight_smile:


Don’t rush into it Fred :grin::grin:


Funny I was actually thinking that at first but I think I’ll go more humor by swapping out the heads for other heads…