WTB - AEF Designs IDF L33 Howitzer conversion

While I know the quality is suspect, this is the only kit/conversion/etc. for this self-propelled howitzer.
While the body is not that hard to scratch build, the conversion comes with a basic gun as well.

Would do a trade - let me know if your looking for something

I feel your pain. I have not even been able to find the instructions for the kit, let alone an actual one.

In light of that, i started working on designing from scratch a 1/35 scale L33. It has a LONG way to go but i figured i could at least show where i am at. Right now i am working on getting the upper hull fleshed out. I was able to reuse most of the lower hull from other designs i have done.

We can stay in touch and i can let you know when i am getting close.

BTW, i am also working on the Makmat and the M50 SPG (not the m50 tank)

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Worst AEF Designs kit I ever started, and that’s saying something.
I dug it out again a few years ago. If I feel the need to punish myself I may continue. Some pics on this thread:

The AEF experience from B to F:
Starts with WTB!
Ends with WTF!

You wouldn’t happen to have the instructions for the AEF kit would you? I just want something to cross reference against.

Still chipping away at the Ro’em. I was working on the gun tonight. Here are pics of the latest.

Very impressive. I’m also looking to build this vehicle. Will you be selling a printable file?



That is the plan. I have wanted to build these SPGs for a while, ever since seeing the Makmat in AFV modeller.

I sell all the designs i make on Cults3D. If you are interested in what i already have done (including alot of IDF stuff), the link is below

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Someone sent them to me several years ago. I’ll have to see if I can dig them up.


Not much in the directions if I remember
Drawing of the body showing which hatch went where. Later kits had window inserts
Gun had a basic trunion mount with cylinders (think “long Tom”). One piece barrel with the Soltam style muzzle brake
Nothing about the interior space or how to mount the gun
Also, the body is designed to mount on a “long” Sherman chassis (A5?) which is why it has the rear “porch”. If is mounted on a standard Sherman chassis the rear of the top body should be straight down
The one picture I saw of the interior showed a flat floor over the lower hull.

Are you doing the early M50 (6 day war) or the later (1970’s) HVSS version
I am about 50% done with an early version using a M12 for the hull and a howitzer from the Heller AMX self propelled gun. Exactly the same gun as in the real vehicle

I started one of each myself. I had thought to use an M12 as well but then decided against it. It’s all explained in this thread:

So both the L-33 with the “porch” (AKA Degem Alef) and the one with the straight rear (Degem Bet) were based on the same hull. The boagie spacing is the giveaway (more space between the boagies = long hull). According to Tom Gannon’s book the IDF realized they needed more room in the fighting compartment so they changed the hull.

Thank you for the info on the AEF kit. i feel better that i am not missing one.

For the M50, i am planning on modelling both in CAD, starting with the late model with the cummins engine. Once i get that done, i will move to the early model. Thankfully i have already modeled the VVSS and HVSS suspensions so that is done. Other than importing what i already have i have not started the M50 model.

As for a good book, the Gannon books on Israeli SPGs are the best i have found. It covers both. In addition i found some range wreck photos/walkarounds which are good for interior (albiet rusty) photos.

This is a perfect example of how difficult it is to get concise information on a lot of the IDF’s AFVs. I have one reference book that says The M4A4 hulled L33 SPG had the “protruding hull.” “L33’s based on the short hulled M4 Shermans did not have the protruding hull where the two spare wheels are mounted.” (from a photo caption." “the casement was built to one size.”

Yet another book shows and L33 angled looking from the right front, with a casement with the rear extension, on a short-hulled M4. there is no discussion of any difference in the casements

Even online sites about the IDF, posted by retired IDF members don’t always agree.

Most of the pictures I’ve seen of the later Sherman conversions (1970 - 1980’s) look like the M4A4 hull was the one used more often.
I used the A4 hull when I first attempted this kit, only because the casement fit better.

And then there is the Pereh, the M48 based Spike missile tank, that was fielded, operational, and retired in 2017 - without it being reported on until is was no longer operational.


I agree completely. The IDF seems to keep EVERYTHING close to the vest, understandably so. That makes it frustrating however for us modellers when we cannot even find accurate scaled drawings for their vehicles.

As for my modelling, i have been working on getting the Cummins engine modelled. In the L-33 the engine was very exposed at the rear, with the air cleaners inside the crew compartment, and only a walk plate over the engine. Here is the current state of the engine.

Even the engine, a VT8-460, is an enigma. Apparently it was not a successful engine for Cummins, and the sole customer was the IDF. I have located a single side view photo which i could use, and then a bunch of photos from an M50 restoration.

I had to size the photo off of the cylinder bore and go from there.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 090025

Just some of the latest shots of the progress on the L33.

Not much else on the others yet, focusing on this one.

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Consider me a customer when the time comes.

Me too …

Sounds good, but please do not look for this super soon. I do this in my “part time” as a part of my hobby. That usually means that i work on it at night, after the day’s work is done, while the TV is on or something.

With all that being said, i think another item that will come out of it is an engine compartment for IDF Cummins shermans, so if you have ever wanted to model an M51 with the engine deck open, you would be able to.

I’m also interested when you get it finished.



I got some kits left in the stash before I need to start building an L33
:wink: :+1: