WW2 British 1/35 sailors

I am building a diorama using a Italeri MTB 1/35 at dockside and am searching for matelots for this. I know Italeri have a crew set for the kit but these crew are at ‘action stations’. I am looking for crew in a relaxed state.

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Contact this guy on FB:

holden8702 - Search Results | Facebook

He has done a lot of custom nautical themed figures in multiple scales and may already have what you’re looking for. If not, he can design and print custom figures to your specs.

I’ve done business with him in the past and found him to be very reasonable in his prices. He created and 3D printed over 200 bespoke 1/72 Vietnam war figures for the FSB RIPCORD diorama our AMPS club built for one of our state museums. He also designed and printed this 1/8 custom French WWI factory worker for me:

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