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Darren Baker takes a look at a nice offering from Gecko Models to create a fuel dump in 1/35th scale, WW2 US 20l Jerry Can set.

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This looks like a great set. Of note, it is one of the first sets to include tops to make them water cans, as opposed to fuel cans. There are two water can tops per sprue with the handles, so you can make up to 48 water cans

Yeah, that’s a great looking set. I’ve been trying to order them for several months — no luck.


If my mathematics don’t fail m, you get a total of 96 cans, 96 handles, 48 gas caps, and 48 water caps, so it builds an equal number of gas & water cans. This is great for loading up those empty trucks!

You are correct. I thought there were 16 gas caps on the same sprues as the 16 cans, but there are only 8 per sprue.

So it is half and half. I would have preferred all fuel or water can tops. This way limits you as fuel and water are never carried together in bulk since they could be easily confused and cause an issue in either a vehicle or human.

Any sort of “bulk supplies” other than backpacks and such would make a great addition for any support vehicle model. Perhaps on pallets or larger sized crates to fill up the cargo space on many such vehicles.

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Anybody know how/where I can purchase this set in the US? … ???