WWII German Trailer question

I scratch built a box to go onto the leftover trailer part of a Flak 38, that I had mounted to a Demag.

My question/s is, was there a standard for license plates on their trailers?

I’ve checked out this site: Trailers

Unfortunately, the trailers are either a profile from a manual, or the trailer image is such that you can’t see the plate mount or location.

I also tried Scalemates, and just generic searched for “wehmacht trailer”. I pulled up a few kits, one was a Das Werk, and a few others and looked at the instructions, for any indication of a plate mount. Some had one, some didn’t.

From the 2 sources, and some rudimentary image searching on the interwebs, it appears that the smaller Sd. Ah. trailers did not have a standard on license plates, but larger trailers-such as tank haulers, did have plates.

Thank you in advance for any info.

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