WWII M7 priest trailer

Hi, can someone tell me wich kind of trailer appears in this collumn of M7, dimensions?


What comes after an M7? An M8 of course… Tiger Model Designs made one wat back in the day.

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The New TMD also had one

Is Tiger Models a continuation of TMD?


Thank you!

M8 or M10 ammo trailer, if not mistaken:

Patton Museum; Memorial Day Event, 2003
Vehicles owned by 4th Armored Division; Shepherdsville. Kentucky
All Photos Copyright Michael Koenig 2003 ~ All Rights Reserved

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Oh, hey. I have one of those trailers from Tiger Model Designs in a box, somewhere. built and half painted. The M4A3E8(105) that will drag it was completed, like, 11 years ago. Now I wonder what happened to the thing.