Xtradecal X48045

Anybody have a clue where I can find a set of Xtradecal X48045 RAF letters/ numbers? I’ve found 3 places in the UK , but appears they are still pissed off about that tea into Boston Harbor thing and wont ship to Her Majesty’s Former Colonies.

Have you tried Hannants They ship to the USA tho there is a minimum order and reasonably so I think

If memory serves , they did ship to the US but for $21. More than what I paid for the kit and the price of the decals combined. Seems no one on this side of the pond has them. (or my Baltic connections.)

Try printscale decals, they are difficult to apply but look good when done. you can find them and a large assortment of decal manufacturers at scotts model workshop on ebay, he also goes by dauntless hobbies. He has a lot of stuff, you may find it there.


I deal with Scott all the time. Checked his site. Nothing that worked. :frowning: