Yak-1 construction

Done a little snooping but haven’t found a whole lot of intel. I know the Yak was plywood construction … at least part. Were the control surfaces and lower rear fuselage fabric … a’la Hawker Hurricane? Also, of a related nature … what color were the prop blades?

The control surfaces were fabric covered aluminum frames. The top and bottom of the rear fuselage were made of plywood, the sides were fabric covered.

Kinda what I thought. Thanks. The molding on the kit looks that way but wanted to confirm. (wasnt sure if maybe the control surfaces might have been aluminum sheeting.) I figure the paint on the fabric would look a little different than it would on plywood or metal.

Hi Timothy,
Wikipedia holds a couple of puics of a stripped down Yak-1
Should answer your questions?

Thanks. But not much help. Great info for the frame work but not much for the covering. Did confirm my suspicions that the skin around the engine area was aluminum.

Some more walkarounds that might be helpful.



One pic shows the aileron looking like it is skinned with canvas.