You won't likely find models of these

Everyone who knows me knows I love loser cars. From Chevettes to Omnis and EXPs to Pacers, if it’s ugly or weird, I want it. However, that doesn’t just go for models. It goes for all kinds of replicas, including 1/43 replicas from Europe. Now, to North American tastes, many European cars of the ‘70s and ‘80s are pretty weird and, in some way, kinda loser-like. Sure, they’re not all like that, but thank goodness for French die-cast maker Solido, who sure seem to know how to pick the runts of the litter!

To celebrate making it to 350,000 hits (almost, but close enough as of writing this), I thought it was time to bring out some of the biggest losers, even if they’re in the smallest scale. To that end, I have set up a new page to showcase some of my prized 1/43 Solido Cougars. These are bargain-basement versions of much nicer Solido replicas, and their choices of subject are sublimely ridiculous!

Check out the new section, and the first entry down the page, the Talbot Tagora. Believe me, I have five of these things (as of right now) and they’re all going up eventually! “Vive la difference” indeed!