Your opinion- might this be my problem?

Just bought a new regulator for my compressor. Fitted it today and everything was working well, until it wasn’t. Ran out of pressure as the pump did not kick in when it started getting low.

I have a suspicion the starting capacitor may be kaput: What do you guys think?

I would assume it in not supposed to have a beer belly or muffin top… :rofl:

Hmm. difficult to tell.

It’s wise that you are consulting the internet for advice.


Replace the capacitor once, if it fries again you may need to check the motor.


Rather looks like a blob attack to me… :thinking:


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This is like when I work on plumbing. Fix one thing, break two things…


Yep get rid of it. It will cause a fire. That may also be a sign that something else is wrong. The capacitor should not get hot if it is just cycling on and off as it is just a kick start for the compressor. If the compressor is bad, is sticking, or has low oil, then the capacitor runs constantly and then burns up, literally.

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I thought of that too, I have checked the piston, motor, bearings, etc, and all seems fine. Free moving with almost no resistance. This is an oil-less compressor so, at least that is not an issue.

After reading a bit on the net, start capacitor issues appears to be quite common. Fingers crossed, I have ordered a replacement.

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If made in China, it WILL fail…sooner than later. Dump it!! :sunglasses:

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IPhones are made in China, just saying …

Just about everything is made in China nowadays.

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Yep made in China is the problem. Except for our kits of coarse!!