YouTube video showing the Mi-35P (Phoenix?)


Makes me want to build a Hind. :+1:

My problem is that the Trumpeter 1/35 kit, like many others, doesn’t have the correct fuselage twist.
A vertical line through the centres of the two windshields doesn’t pass dead center between the two engine openings

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True, but most people don’t even know about this and others can’t see it. To me, it isn’t a showstopper. Sometimes close enough is good enough. You have to work with what is out there.

Everyone has their own thing about a subject, to me that is pretty big miss. Iconic in the look, like the Hellcat smile or anyone of a dozen other subjects. You mess that up and the subject doesn’t look right. I do get your point, at least in 1/48 and 1/72 Zvezda has people covered.

I agree, see above. Lots of new items hanging off that bird I have never seen before. Great find. :+1:

hmmm, 1/48 might be something …
Thanks for the heads-up!

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if someone hadn’t told me about it I would have been blissfully unaware :wink:

Just build it upside down, the problem will be less noticeable :



That’s for the Revell kit. :joy::joy::joy:

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Ha Ha :neutral_face:
Too much trouble doing all the dents, scratches and broken pieces

Knowing is half the battle and now it cannot be unseen. :joy:

Yep. Ignorance can be blissful and that which has once been seen can not be unseen …
Luckily I got the information before I bought that Trumpeter 1/35 kit.

The sadists dream: Sneak up on a proud model builder and his recently finished masterpiece and say “You know there is a serious shape flaw on that kit, don’t you?” :smiling_imp:

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That’s what happens when you have two pilots one behind the other – “Povernite nalevo!” “Nyet povernite napravo!” “Nyet nalevo!!””Nyet napravo!!” “Nalevo!!!” “Napravo!!!” “Na…. :boom:

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