Ypres. 1/35

Here is the first of several dioramas I made using German relic helmets as bases. It is a WW1 Western Front scene using a Masterbox kit. The helmet comes from the battlefields of Ypres.

DSCN8433 DSCN8446


Brilliant display! That is some top notch craftsmanship.


The trench seems a little too clean, but i agree with Bo. All the work you have been posting is excellent.

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I’m running out of adjectives to comment on your work! Without continually repeating myself, I’ll just say another great diorama, unique in your style of combining battlefield relics and scale depictions.
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That is sooo cool,great idea

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Looking at the helmet I can’t help but feel a little sad for the original owner. There are clearly (to me) 3 bullet holes in the front, with resulting exit holes. Unless the helmet was discarded I shot at by marksman after the fact…


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