I’ve tried different adhesives to make resin figure parts stick together, but none have proven strong enough. At a hobby shop, I did find Z-poxy 5-minute epoxy, which I discovered actually works.

Have you tried any cyanoacrylates (CA) glues? Also… clean the parts first. Resins often have a thin film release agent or uncured resin on the surface. Gently roughen the mating surfaces before glue.

This, I always take a sanding stick to where I am going to glue resin parts together…made a world of difference.

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Also… CA glues can have a really short shelf life. Check them out first. If a tiny dot won’t glue my fingers together… it’s not going to work on the model or figure.

I tried all these things, including several epoxies. The brand I mentioned was the only one which did the trick.

The other epoxies set hard? If so, the common denominator is the resin figure.

CA holds epoxy figures and parts just fine. My guess is it is in the resin prep. It has to be free of oils and a light sanding of the joint works well too.

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Still didn’t work as I said. Only the Z-poxy worked where the others failed. And I used several brands of resin figures.