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Hasegawa has re-released the 1:32 scale Mitsubishi Zero A6M5 Type 0 Model 52 ‘Zeke’

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Bit confused by this announcement. Given the box art, is this a repop of the 1971 kit or the 2016 retool. Thumbs up if it’s the 2016.

The serial number suggests its the re-release of the kit that first saw the light of day in 1971. I mentioned the more recent new tool as a subtle hint that folk might want to go for that rather than the older kit.
tim :smiley:

Or spend the $$ for the offering from the “T “ company -

Actually now that I re-read my post, what I surmised makes no sense. The tooling was redone in 2016 period and truth be told that newer version is very nice; good surface details and a decent cockpit right out of the box.

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