Zil 130G 1/35

The next model. At this time Red Iron Models Zil 130 converted to Zil 130G-longer frame, cargo box and 3D printed HDS3 crane. Diorama is my own idea…and this Zil…was so popular in Poland and Soviet Union last century.
The box was made with balsa wood and etched details, the floor was etched also. Wheels taken from Armor35-very beautiful shape.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


This looks like another stunner Marcin! I really like the multi-colored panels on the truck- they add a great bit of character and right away suggest this is one old and very used vehicle! I like the bright yet also abandoned scene- plenty of color but also suggests a sort of forgotten look- this works really well with the multiple colors on the truck and the figure adds a nice bit of life to the whole thing.

I think the same :slight_smile: