Zvezda 2024

I’ve been away for a while, so I have to post the news in retrospect.
On July 1, the Zvezda company celebrated 34 years since its founding.
July 04 reported:
We continue to talk about our new products!
Work is in full swing on a 1/72 scale model of the Soviet KV-1 heavy tank. We are in a hurry to show you the first 3D renderings!
The model will depict a tank with an F-32 gun produced in the spring of 1941.

On July 05 she announced the re-release of her sets:

And yesterday the news came out:
"Good evening everyone!
Today we want to show you a drawing on the box of a model of the Soviet fighter I-16 type 5 in 1/48 scale!"

Now I’ve caught up with the time and will try to post the news promptly.


Yuri, any word on a release date for the WC-54 ambulance? We are all very excited for this release.


Zvezda has learned dramaturgy and makes a show out of every announcement: first he will show box art, then visualizations, then sprues, and so on. But all this is according to her script and the time invented by the company.
So far nothing has been heard about the release of the WC-54 ambulance.
Moreover, this announcement is only in the English version of the catalog; there is nothing like that in the Russian catalog. You can look - he is at the beginning of this topic.


Zvezda has another news:
"Friends and colleagues!
Our next new product in 1/48 scale is the Soviet fighter LaGG-3 series 66.
Today we want to show you 3D renderings of the future model!"