Zvezda BTR80A with extras

Well this is going to be my next build. Bought for £15 out of a bargain bin at a model show. Panzer Art wheels and Eduard etch basically doubled the cost but will be needed to produce a reasonable model. The kit has some details from the BTR80 which will need to be removed to make it into an 80A. It has the basic shape however a lot of the details such as hatch hinges and suspension are very basic. That being said the welds are amazingly fine and mostly complete with only a few which will need adding and other details will be added as i go along, not as if there aren’t enough reference pics around at the moment.


i have the same setup with a resin turret , looking for the corrected back plate ( its on hobby easy.com) keep us posted on the build!

In what way corrected? I know the details are very simplistic such as the towing pintle but I’ll redo that myself. The fuel filler caps are also at the wrong angle but the Eduard set includes new filer cap covers and rear light clusters.

The basis is the old Dragon kit, correct?

Did Zvezda do anything to correct the goofy working hatch hinges at all? These kits were pretty decent for the era, but the working hinges were a cludge that didn’t look at all like the real thing, & broke if you actually tried to use them, making the kit only OK at that point.


Nope the kit still has those hinges. they will be getting cut off and suitable replacements scratched. I’m working on the rear panel now cutting off and replacing all of the kit detail.

A small update, been concentrating on the rear plate. Replaced a few parts with etch and scratched a new tow pintle. Cut out what I am assuming are water intakes on the sides of the vehicle and scratched some vents for there. Also added what I am assuming is the bilge outlet on the rear at the top as the kit part was way underscale when compared to ref pics. The weld line I added went a little awry but it’s not too bad.

Things are still looking a bit rough and ready but they will get better.


I really enjoy these type types of builds, taking an old dog so to speak and dressing it up to make it look good. :+1: :+1:

My memory of building the DML BTR-70 was of a very poor fit of the rear panel to the rest of the hull, you may want to check this before going further.

It’s not the best but nothing that can’t be fettled really. It’s a clunky slap together kit in reality but with the etch and some scratch I hope to turn it into a nice finished model.

Running gear completed, again not the best however the front four wheels do turn and are connected. There are some scratch parts to do on the running gear to at least try and make it more like the real thing but as the wheels effectively cover it all I’m not going to get bent out of shape if it’s not perfect.
I’ve removed the front right firing port as BTR80A’s don’t have it. I little bit finickity doing it due to it being on a hull angle but managed to get it done and the weld reinstated. The comical hinges removed and in the process of being filled. I have etch hinges to replace them or will scratch some as sometimes etch isn’t the way to go.


Not much done really, filled some more holes and added the etch firing port covers and the covers to the front of the exhausts. Cut out the styrene windshield and added the etch version which looks a lot better IMO and also added the etch grill mesh on the engine deck. The drivers hatch has a lip which isn’t present on the kit so that was put on. The upper body isn’t attached to the hull yet as the side doors will need major surgery to fit properly.


Your detailing is excellent- really bringing this old kit up a few notches and making it shine.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. A small update, wasn’t planning on using the etch side bin as it looked a real pain to put together and guess what…it was. That being said the detail is better than the kit part though the use of a pen to emboss some parts can be a bit hit and miss as you can see. I finished the intake grill on the upper rear deck and the filled all of the holes on the sides as they were huge and just didn’t look right. Some grab handles done with lots more the do.


Now it’s really taking shape mate. For an oldie, and with the extra effort you’re putting into it, I’m pretty sure it’s going to come out shiny :+1:

Really like the added Detail. It sets it off nicely…Cheers mark

That box and saw look oh so much better though. Definitely worth the work.

I agree, it does look a lot better. I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to fold it without causing creases as in reality its a very rounded shape. I was going to use the kit side grab handles but then realised they were in the wrong position. Cue more filling and redrilling and then used brass rod again. This time I rounded the corners as the real deal doesn’t have 90 degree corners. Sight covers are going on and also some more pioneer tools.


It looks bad at the moment what with all of the sanding scratches and filler visible, however an undercoat will sort that out and then a topcoat. Still mulling over whether to produce a Russian/Ukrainian wagon.

Completed the Turret and gun. No etch for this as the etch set I have is for a BTR80 with the 14.5mm machine gun turret. It doesn’t really need any as the fit is reasonable as is the detail. Next in line is going to be the side entry doors which will involve a bit of surgery on the upper hull to make them fit correctly however as I will have those doors closed it should be OK.


The story so far. It’s fighting me at every turn now. I’ve had to strip some styrene sheet from the centre doors as it just wasn’t doing the job. As the doors are made to open they aren’t very realistic so I have glued them shut, however there are large gaps in the hull that need plating over. Done one of the headlight protectors which was a huge pain due to it’s curves and one side lights. Also the wave deflector is finished. There are more weld lines to add as they are very visible on the real deal.