Zvezda Pancyr-S1 from Maciej Bedyński | Armorama™

Maciej Bedyński presents his work on the Russian Anti-aircraft system Pancyr-S1 using Zvezda kit.

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Looks nice. Good job on it.

Beautiful stuff. I like the restrained weathering as befitting a vehicle on show. Did you use after market masks for the camo or just made them from tape? They look very convincing. Must have been really hard to resist desaturating them a bit to make them “used” but well done for not doing it as it wouldnt have been right for a show vehicle. Nice job dude, well done.

I am very happy that you like my model. As for the camouflage, I used tape, I didn’t use ready-made masks. I did everything myself.


Very nicely done. I had the same slight issue when I built mine and getting the cab on but luckily didn’t break anything… I still want to get another to do as it is a great kit …

Excellent job Max. Love the camo job. That is a big vehicle. Love the missiles and other stuff on the back.

I got 95% there with Arctic scheme on the Trumpeter Pantsir a year ago and then forgot to mask the windscreen when clearcoating for a series of washes. Ruined. I was absolutely fuming. Its still sat on the shelf of shame unfinished, minus the clear parts and likely never will be completed as I’ve got a fair bit better since then so will never be up to my current standard. I had an idea about using it in a dio with bullet holes in the windscreen but that would require a total respray. If I ever do finish it, I’ll do that with it.

I’ve got the Tiger S2 in the stash and it looks superior to the Trumpeter in every single way. Absolute stunner of a kit, judging by the sprues and the instructions. I cannot wait to get stuck into that one.

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I will probably stick with another Zvezda one as they are the cheapest on the merry-go-round, and I can live with it just being the S1… You really do get your monies worth from it. Shame about that windscreen on yours though… that would of broke me… No chance of getting a replacement one from trumpy ?

I did ask Trumpeter for another clear sprue but they weren’t especially forthcoming and wanted me to transfer money into a personal Paypal account etc, not cool. So I didn’t really do anything with it. Its just sat there, sadly. Shame as it is was a huge build and looked ace.

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Trumpeter now has an on-line parts service (HobbyDNA.com) that you can order individual sprues from. The clear sprue for that kit is $6 plus shipping.

01060 after Service parts (hobbydna.com)


Ahhhhhhh that’s brilliant news - thank you so much! What a brilliant result.

This is great, although I could have used it about six months ago! Bought a few kits for conversions where I only need the lower hull and suspension…