Zvezda T90MC or Terminator kits

Does anyone have any insight into this kit…I read a few reviews and it looks ok… Anyone built it and would recommend it ? It seems the one with the most sensible track options as most of the others I’ve looked at, T64, T72s seem to be the indi link and multiple part indi links…which puts me right off them…thanks in advance.

I built the Terminator 2. it was a real joy building it. everything fit together real well.
I did a build blog on it here : https://www.track-link.com/blogs/39865

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Thanks Ian, and thanks for the link to the build, I had a quick look and it looks very good. I am just not sure now on either the T90MC or Terminator … I’m leaning towards the terminator as its just a bit different…and they seem really good value for money ?

Thank you. yes they are both good value for the money. Which ever one you choose you’ll enjoy it.

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Thought I read something on the old Armorama site where a poster said he worked on the real thing and that it’s a good kit but a mix of different versions. Not sure…. I have the kit too and it looks nice.

Yeah I have read a few of the reviews and the detail looks nice and the price is very good compared to most of the other big manufacturers as on Amazon, I can get the basic T90 for £23, the T90MC for £25 or the Terminator for £31, to me thats a bargain :+1:

Yeah it looks like a really nice kit when I opened it. It’ll have to wait in line with the others in my stash lol

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