1/12 Civilian Figure into Armed Warrior. How to Attach Ammo and Grenades?

I purchased several 1/12 civilian figures and I’m wondering how to attach spare magazines, hand grenades, ammunition, and knives when they don’t have any pockets, harness, tactical vest, belt, bags or backpack. They weren’t designed to be armed, and if I glue a carbine or rifle to their body, that’s just 30 rounds.

I am thinking of just using tape (mimic duct tape), but isn’t that a bit too extreme, duct taping grenades and magazines to the clothing? I’ve never seen anyone do that. If these figures had pockets, I could sculpt in the shape of the objects in the pockets, but they don’t have pockets.
I can try to make MOLLE loops with tape onto the clothing…is that a good idea?

(Yes, I can go the Sci-Fi route and buy railguns and laser rifles which don’t use ammo, and I have done that, but I also have a collection of 1/12 carbines and submachine guns that fire bullets, and an 1/12 assortment of grenades).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


A belt? Either around the waist or diagonally across the chest.
Grenades are probably too havy to have taped to your body, although my team did duct tape chem lights to our sleeves on a few hits.


Thanks and good idea.

Question: Is it wise to hang bare grenades on the belt by the handle, spoon, or ring? I read that’s a huge danger because some adversary can just yank the grenade ring off. I can sculpt pouches on a scratchbuilt belt if warranted although I’ve never sculpted military pouches before. I’ll just have to make “No name” brand pouches. :grinning:

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Maybe a few strategically placed ring-piercings would come in handy? :thinking:
Although grenades might make things a bit too…how you say in English…saggy. :face_with_peeking_eye: :laughing:

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Trying to go for the “James Bond” look, or MARVEL’s super-heroine Natalia Alianovna Romanoff, aka “Natasha Black Widow” approach. :grin:

“Black Widow” wore a waist belt and thigh holsters so I believe I can replicate that.