1/12th Tiger 1, in Legos?

The Tank Museum Releases 8,000-Brick Model of Tiger 131 (msn.com)


Ooh! I want one. :smiley:

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Looking at the box art; I REALLY WANT ONE. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Then i see the price; 599 GBP, or $748 USD, plus whatever shipping charges are…

And I’m like…


That is only about 11 cents per brick.


I would really consider it for another tank but not a Tiger. YMMV.



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Or , 10 to 14 decent 1/35 kits … :thinking:


COBI bricks, compatible with LEGO

They also have tanks, planes, cars, space …

Are these a better plastic than most of the ‘compatible with Lego’ brands? I find the imitators to be a softer plastic that eventually loses it’s tightness of grip.

I’ve never had a COBI brand kit before. I do have a couple sets from Mega Construx, which makes a lot of brick vehicle from video games, like HALO and Destiny.

Their plastic bricks are the same level as the original LEGO bricks.

Haven’t got the foggiest, never tried one though I was tempted by that Bismarck




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Legos are excellent for making boxes for mold-making (and maybe children’s toys, but once a couple of pieces are missing, or they get mixed up with other Lego toys…forget it!). :rage:
:smiley: :canada:

Cobi coloured the fuel tanks red. The Tank Museum actually OWN fuel tanks in their Tiger. They, of all people, know the tanks were never red.

(The legend of “red fuel tanks” began with one single artist painting one single image for a book cover. I spoke to him at the time - by phone. But it was early days of the Internet and he couldn’t send me images for checking.)

Cobi also have one set of ammunition facing the wrong way around.

These are familiar mistakes. They already exist in model kits by Rye Field and Academy.

So I conclude that Cobi developed their brick Tiger model from a plastic Tiger kit - NOT from the real thing.


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That is cool

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