1:144 Israeli H.A.S. (Using Noy's Miniatures kit)

Although not an aircraft model, I think this is the proper forum to show this Aircraft shelter, that I am building for my F-15I. I am using Noy’s Miniatures kit and a lot of scratch building (using 3mm MDF and plastic card/rod).

Here are a few photos of this still ongoing project.

For the numerous fixtures we can see on these shelter’s roofs, I’ve built a pattern with plastic card and reproduced it using blue-stuff molding “stuff” and epoxy putty (I still need to do a different patern pointing to the other side as they are right and left handed).

I hope to post more soon.

Marco Preto

Instagram: @marco_a_c_preto


Glad to see you have brought this over to the new forums Marco. I was looking in on this when you were building it before. Lovely work by the way, looks great :+1:

I love your “tailor made” doors!!