1/16 das werk stug finished

Finally finished this beast of a kit after three months of building on and off. The kit isn’t bad there were a few fitting issues but nothing wild that can’t be worked. The parts being 1/16 made detail painting easy. I started off with a primer of tamiya rattle can and then used ak interactive red oxide. I followed this up with ammo migs dunkagelb dark yellow to give it a base and used dunkagelb mid war as the main color. I sprayed it on lighter on the lower hull to give some disparity in shading, the green is olivgrun from ammo Mig as well. I have it a wash from master touch oil paints burnt umber then followed up worn a dark wash on detail parts such as welds, hand tools and crevices. I finished up with a streaking grime effect on the upper case mate as well as on a few spots of the lower hull. I have a 1/16 dragon crew member I’ll build next to add to the kit.

I went with the gross Deutschland division markings from Kursk to finish out the kit. The marking options were plentiful but most primarily around the summer of 43.


Outstanding. This is definitely on my short list to purchase.

Would be interested in what difficulties you may have encountered.



@geoawelch the toughest and most frustrating part is the superstructure attaching to the lower hull. I had a hell of a time and many fits making sure it was perfectly set. The track guards that are attached above the track to the hull also gave me some issues as they look crooked and needed to be supported and shaped to look straight and semtrical.

The Nigel’s Modelling Bench channel on YouTube covered the build of this in minute detail.

Well worth watching all 12 (or so) episodes.

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@Biggles-downunder i wish i would have seen that video. Maybe i went too quickly between putting the superstructure together and then attaching it to the lower hull.

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Just received the kit yesterday.



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