1/16 Decals/stencils WW2 British ammo boxes

Does anyone know if any manufacturer produces decals/stencils for 1/16 WW2 British ammo boxes.
Otherwise, it means asking SWMBO, if I can use, or rather if She can, produce some on Her magic Scan&Cut machine. Or using a very sharp scalpel and hopefully no blood!
I am aware of Archer and Peddinghaus for .50 cal boxes.

You make have to do them yourself. Panzerserra has a very good tutorial on how to make the decals:

The entire tutorial can be found in this build log:

Thanks for the link.
Read through it…then remembered that my computer skills aren’t!
Also don’t have a laser printer.
Will have to cut out some stencils or use very small lettering decals.
But again thanks for the help

Or check walthers.com for railroad decals - they have several fonts in different colors, and no matter which scale you get, they give you several sizes.